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We are extremely proud to have numerous good relationships with our clients, many of which we have worked with since the company was formed in 1994. Here are just a few of their comments:

Dr Suzanne Curran

Dr Jaime De Castro Torres

Dr Frank Goulbourn

"Working with Nigel, Martyn and their team has been a pleasure. Their professionalism and personalised service has made practices run in harmony.


My confidence in even the more challenging cases has dramatically improved since working with this very experienced team."

Dr Savan Zala - BDS, MFGDP (Special interest in Implantology)

"I have been sending work to Central Dental Laboratory for the last 15 months. I could not be happier with the results that I am getting with the crown & bridge work over implants. They are friendly and willing to give advice, and are always there for you when needed.


The quality of the work they do is extremley high, and they are very focused on providing a good service and work exceptionally well as a team. I have never had a problem or unhappy patient since I have worked with this lab. I am very pleased and would recommend this lab to anyone."

Dr Jamie De Castro – University of Madrid (Special interest in implantology)

"It has been over three years since I began to use the services of Central Dental Laboratory. I can happily report that the high level of professional service that I have received from their administrative and technical staff is without any hint of embellishment, uncommon in the trade.

In the provision of Dental prosthetics to patients, each case is different. In that respect, I have been singularly fortunate that Central Dental Lab recognises the importance of this crucial part of service delivery. Based on Central Lab's broad range of competences I recommend them to Dental colleagues without any reservation.."

Dr Wale Fawehinmi – IDH (St Neots)

"I have worked with Nigel and Martin since they set up in Bedford in the mid 1990's. The lab is up to date with all the new advances in materials and the technicians provide a high standard of work and are always available to talk through problems should any arise. I am happy to recommend CDL to fellow dentists."

Dr Robert Horseman - BDS (St Ives)


"I first started using CDL back in 2011 when I was VT and haven't looked back since.


They consistently deliver a high standard of work and have taken great time in building and maintaining an effective working relationship. If I have any problems I know Nigel and Martyn are only a phone call or Facebook message away. Likewise, if I've asked for something a little out of the box, they are on the phone suggesting alternatives and solutions.


Whether it's a 6 unit zirconia bridge, full replacement veneers, posterior 3/4 gold onlay work, or chrome dentures. CDL is my lab of choice."

Dr Andrew Davies – BDS.MJDF.RCS (England) – (My Dentist St Ives)

"Working with Nigel, Martyn and their team has been a pleasure. Their professionalism and personalised service has made practices run in harmony.


My confidence in even the more challenging cases has dramatically improved since working with this very experienced team."

Dr Savan Zala - BDS, MFGDP (Special interest in Implantology)

"I’ve used Central Dental Lab for over 10 years and have been extremely pleased with the standard of their work & service.


I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Dr Lars Granhed – Tandlakare, Karolinska, Sweden (Special interest in Implantology)

"I enjoy working with CDL as they provide excellent work and the staff are supportive and very attentive to the dentist's needs.


I highly recommend this lab."


Dr M Chotai - DDS, MSc, PGcert, PGdip 

"I have worked with Nigel, Martyn & the team at Central Dental Laboratory for 10 years, and have always found their work to be of the highest standard. There are very few occasions which I remember having to make adjustments to the fitting of crown & bridge work and this stems from the high attention to detail shown in the preparation stages, casting, scanning and quality control.


I speak to Nigel regularly on the telephone and he is only too happy to help with material selection and case design.


Communicating with the members of the team is key to their success.


My patients have remarked at the quality of the fit and aesthetics of the work I have fitted and I know that I will have a stress-free day and a happy patient when I receive work back from Central."

Dr Richard Staincliffe, BDS.MSc. PgCME.FFGDP,(uk) RCS (eng) FHEA

"I have found that Central Dental Laboratory can be depended on for quality and service, Nigel, Martyn and the team are always willing to go above and beyond what can be reasonably expected. It is a pleasure dealing with them and I would highly recommend them."

Dr Gawain King - B Sc, BChD (Pret) St Neots/Longstanton (Special interest in implantology)

"I have worked with all of the technicians at CDL who I have found to be extremely helpful and thorough in the level of service to my practice. Thanks to their hard work, I have found that my business has benefitited and we are now able to offer our patients a wide range of indirect restorations, predictably to a high standard and reliably on time. The true benefit of using CDL comes when you need help with a small minority of cases and you find that they are always on hand to provide that support!"

Dr Neel Kothari - BDS (Special interest in implantology)

"Myself & many of my associates have worked with Central Dental Laboratory for over 20 years and we have always found the service and quality of work to be outstanding - nothing is ever too much trouble for them."

Dr Nickolas Burnett (Emmanuel Rd Cambridge) - BDS (Special interest in implantology)

"I have worked with Central Dental Laboratory for over 12 years. As a Dentist I can say with confidence that this is a laboratory you can rely on for technical support in the most challenging of prosthetic & cosmetic cases.


Working with this laboratory there is a real sense that the final outcome of each case (in terms of function, fit, aesthetics and patient satisfaction) is just as important to them as it is to you.

The longevity of their prosthesis and the surrounding healthy gingival tissue is testament to the attention to detail and superior marginal fit of their work.

Dr Suzanne Curran - BDS - St Neots (Special interest in implantology)

Central Dental Laboratory is a fantastic laboratory.


I have worked with these lovely technicians for 6 years and they are always very keen to help.


They are nice, friendly and very approachable. They always try to help you with new techniques and I have learnt a lot with them over the years.


Keep going guys. Thank you so much for these lovely years.

Dr Ines Ribeiro LMD - Porto, Portugal

"I have been using Central Dental for over 12 years and the service they have provided has been truly amazing.


The quality of work has been excellent.


They have a good working relationship with our practice and the guys are very accommodating to our needs.


I highly recommend this laboratory to anyone."

Dr Hemant Kansagra - BDS (Bedford)

"Martyn and Nigel have been our go-to implant technicians for some time  - what they don't know about implants isn't worth knowing - thanks guys for all the hard work!"

Dr FJ Goulbourn - BDS (Lond) LDS RCS (Eng) MSc Impl. Dent. Warwick
(Special interest in Implantology)

"I have been using Central Dental since 2005 and they have been an absolute delight to work with.  Countless patients have been thrilled by the work that Martyn, Nigel and their skilled team have provided. From the most simple cases to smile designs, they have continued to deliver excellent results whilst being available to help with any queries we have had ...Thankyou CDL"


Dr Kiran Jutla




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